The price is € 40 and Luxury for € 90

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    Camel trek merzouga 1 night sahara

    1 Camel trekking for one night in desert merzouga
    This trip begins in evening, we organise the camel ride for the night in desert from a hotel near the sand dunes, The camels will be packed with foods, blankets and everything else which we will need. The trek will start right into the desert for 1:30min, We will spend the night in an equipped camp with drums music in the middle of the Sahara,this is a great opportunity to take lovely pictures of the sunset and sunrise, when we arrive at the camp we walk to the high dunes to see the sunset ,It will be a magical night when the sky is clear of cover and stars sparkle and shine with intensity. During the first night, there will be a wonderful dinner around a campfire,we will spend the night in nomad tents ,In the morning we will ride the camels backing to Merzouga , you'll have the breakfest and shower in the hotel in Merzouga.

  • 1 NIGHT IN THE DESERT: 40 € per person
Price includs :
  • -A room in the hotel where we organise our desert trips to leave some of your luggage & shower
    - Parking for you car (if you have
    - Nomad tents (Desert camp)
    - Dinner and breakfest
    - Camel each ( Camel ride for (1:30 min)
    - Bottled water for camel trek
    - Sandboarding in the dunes